World AIDS Day Tribute: David Oliver (1962–1992) -- 'Another World,' 'A Year in the Life'

On World AIDS Day we pay tribute to some of the actors from the soap opera community who lost their lives to the disease.

David Oliver was born in Concord, California on January 31, 1962.  He was one of 8 children.  He died of complications due to AIDS on November 12, 1992 in Los Angeles at age 30.

Another World fans fell in love with the handsome young actor when he debuted as Perry Hutchins in June 1983.

Perry was Carl's son and had a sweet romance with Nancy (Jane Cameron). Perry died in May 1985 when he fell from the Love barn loft after seeing Marley's identical twin, Victoria (Ellen Wheeler). His final words were "You're not getting away with this!"

On August 3, 1983, Donna Love (Anna Stuart) arrived at the double wedding of Blaine & Sandy and Mac & Rachel with the handsome Perry on her arm.

In 1983, Oliver appeared on the game show Go with Another World co-stars Anna Stuart, Mary Page Keller, Laura Malone, and Stephen Yates.

After Another World, Oliver played Sam Gardner in the NBC primetime soap A Year in the Life. Sam was married to Kay, played by Sarah Jessica Parker.

A staunch civil-liberties activist, Oliver was a founding and active member of Young Artists Ltd. His sister is actress Kathleen Ingle.

Oliver's longtime companion was Terry Houlihan.


  1. I was thinking wasn't the original Grant on AW...can't think of his name Dirk? Didn't he pass from complications of AIDS, I know the guy who play "Wally" on Capitol did, actor Joseph B who played "Scott #1 on ATWT did, and probably the biggest soap star was Chris B. from GL who created "Alan" died of from complications. At the time Alan was had returned was involved in big story had to recast with Daniel P, but fans didn't connect and is why GL wrote Alan out until they found Ron Raines which actually played the part longer then any actor. I consider the two Alans to Chris & Ron.

  2. I very much enjoyed Young Mr. Oliver on AW & A Year In The Life.

    Young & Handsome Billy Beyers played the engaging Wally McCandless on Capitol, & Suave, Charming Dack Rambo was the original Grant Harrison on AW.

    RIP David, Billy, Dack, & Especially Christopher Bernau & Bobby Morgan. These Fabulous Talents Will Never Be Forgotten, Ever!

    Brian :-)

  3. Joseph Breen who played Scott on ATWT and Will Jeffries on GL is very much alive. He's married to Carlene Carter, daughter of June Carter & Carl Smith. The AW actor was Dack Rambo. EON lost a few actors to HIV. Joel Crothers (Miles). Irving Allen Lee (Calvin). Amanda Blake (Julianna). Dennis Parker (Derek).

  4. How great to remember these men on this day. Thank you. We also remember Joel Crothers and so many more that went too soon because of this terrible disease. For those of us who lived through it and managed to survive we are most grateful and will never forget those who weren't as lucky.

  5. David Oliver also had a small brief role on Santa Barbara. I was shattered when Perry died, even more so when David did too. :(

  6. @Greeneb2 thank you I couldn't remember Dack Rambo his name. I only knew Mark Pinter as "Grant" which I loved but after seeing the whole introduction of "Grant" on AW when on SN & then Hulu, dare I say I like Dack's version of Grant better. Yes BB, as Wally was handsome and him and Brenda (original) was one my favorite couples. They were a hoot together.

  7. ok, yes he played Will on GL, then who am I thinking of on ATWT...I was mistaken thinking he had pass but I apologize this is what I read and here is the article...I wasn't saying he was gay, AIDS doesn't show discrimination.

    "Joseph Breen (born July 5, 1958) was an soap opera actor. He was born in Katonah, New York.
    He played contract parts on both Guiding Light," and "Loving," before being offered his most front-burner role to date: that of Lisa’s long-lost son, Scott Eldridge, on As the World Turns. He started on "As the World Turns," in 1991, while he was still making appearances as another character on Loving.

    "In 1993, the sponsor of the show, Procter & Gamble, was very unhappy when word leaked to the tabloids (most notably the National Enquirer) that Breen had AIDS. He was forced to tell his castmates that the rumors were true.

    The set rumors were that P&G wanted Breen to voluntarily leave the show, and when he wouldn’t, he was forced to tape many scenes in which he was scantily clad. Reportedly, taping the scenes made him uncomfortable as both his muscle and body fat had already begun the process of atrophy, and it was at this time that he left.

    While he is still living, he has chosen to keep a lower profile as of late." it came from this website

  8. harlee490, Breen was certainly very sick for a long time even ending up broke and in a hospice. Luckily drug therapy has helped him. He performs with his wife some. I came across some pictures on the net of them on stage together singing. And of course AIDS doesn't discriminate. Amanda Blake, Miss Kitty! I exchanged some emails with Breen years ago and he was trying to get his acting career going again. He's very talented so I hope that will happen someday.

  9. I found this pic of Joseph Breen from this year with his wife.

  10. We have a Joe Breen flashback as part of our coverage today. If I have time, I want to do something to honor Norma Connolly too who was so outspoken when the press wouldn't leave Breen alone and reported inaccurate information about the disease.

  11. If I'm not mistaken, i think the original Brenda on Capital, Leslie Graves also died from AIDS. The genre lost so many great people behind the scenes as well. It makes you wonder about the toll these losses took on daytime television and its role in eroding the heart and creativity that used to go into our beloved shows!

  12. Hey, David. I hope someone remembers you, too. I was a kid when you were on AW. I woke up crying this morning, wanting to see clips of AW, not knowing exactly why. I saw a bit of you and when I looked on your Wikipedia page, it said today was when you left us. God bless you, and thank you for what you gave us. If anyone reads this, my love to David Oliver's loved ones, friends and family.