Darnell Williams Signs On To Continue With ALL MY CHILDREN

Until today the only confirmed ALL MY CHILDREN actors who had signed with the new Prospect Park web version of the show were Cameron Mathison and Lindsay Hartley. On Friday Hartley tweeted that Emmy winner Darnell Williams had also joined the new cast.

"Hello everyone! Pp update . Darnell Williams has officially signed on!! More to come xo"

Excited? What will Jesse do without Angie? Or would they recast? Let us know what you think.


  1. I think it's great that Mr. Williams has signed on...what bothers me is that he is only the third cast member to do so. I wonder what the problem is---they can't ALL have already signed on to other things.
    I really hope AMC does find another life, be it on tv or the internet.

  2. I am excited to hear Darnell will continue with AMC. I hope the writers have Angie in a coma from being shot at the party by JR. This would leave the door open for Debbi to return some day and it would be good drama to see Jesse try and go on with life without her.

  3. Every night when I go home and realize that "All My Children" isn't on my DVR I get sad. It was one of the things I always looked forward to to relax in the evening and catch up on my AMC friends. Not only that Dan Kroll's column made me chuckle and sometimes shed a tear at a character's passing.

    I miss AMC so much I can't say. ABC screwed up big time. I don't and won't watch "The Chew", The Spew, The Dew or whatever else they come up with.

    I love Jesse -- he's one of the hallmark characters of my generation. When he came back to the show several years ago I screamed for joy. I am sad that Angie won't be there. She is SOOOOO beautiful and I love her dimples. I will miss her beautiful face and spirit.

  4. This is good news...maybe PP will need to temporarily do a recast of Angie until DM could return.

  5. Great News, but I hope more of them will sign on too. I wouldn't want another actress playing Angie's part. It just wouldn't be the same. They been together too long. Some characters, you just cant recast.

  6. FranniegThis is great news ... I so hoped Darnell would sign (love him). I miss AMC so much; can't wait to watch it on PP. As for Angie, don't recast ... want DM to reconsider in the near future. I hope others will sign soon. Vicent and Micheal why are you taking so long?

  7. This is great news. I hate that DM has moved on, but I would be open to a recast. There have been some wonderful recasts that, at first, thought would never work, but in time came to love them too. I'm just glad that AMC has life!!!!


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