CASTING EXCLUSIVE: Surprise Recast on THE BAY (Paul Satterfield replaces Joe Lando)

When indie soap hit THE BAY kicks off Season 2 the character of Lee Nelson will have a different look. Paul Satterfield has replaced Joe Lando in the pivotal role.

A tall, handsome television veteran, Satterfield has appeared in a number of series in both primetime and daytime. His daytime work includes the soaps GENERAL HOSPITAL (Paul), THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL (Pierce) and, most recently, ONE LIFE TO LIVE (Spencer).

A familiar face in primetime as well, his many credits include guest stints on WILL & GRACE and PROFILER, as well as roles in Aaron Spelling's SAVANNAH (Tom) and PACIFIC PALISADES (John).

"Joe Lando is a wonderful seasoned actor," said creator and executive producer Gregori J. Martin. "We tried everything we could to keep him on board, but unfortunately his heart just wasn't with the project. We are very saddened by his decision to leave the show and wish him the best on whatever endeavors he lands or decides is right for him."

"We hope Joe's loyal fans know we truly appreciate all the support we've gotten from them," Martin added.

So how did Satterfield come into the picture?

"Lee is a very essential character in our storyline," Martin explained, "and when Joe decided THE BAY wasn't for him, we had to find the perfect replacement. We're very excited to have Paul Satterfield join our phenomenal cast."

Martin is looking forward to see the onscreen chemistry between Satterfield and Mary Beth Evans (Sara).

"Paul and Mary Beth will shoot their first scenes together this Friday (September 23)," he said. "They're both excited to work with one another. Mary Beth has always expressed her passion for the show and Paul seems to be following in her footsteps. I'm sure the two will have wonderful chemistry together and I'm excited to shoot their first scenes."

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  1. I'm so looking forward to Lee and Sara's story! No doubt, Paul Satterfield will fit right in with your present castmembers...good choice Gregori!!!

  2. Excellent! Hate to see Joe go, but Paul Satterfield is definitely a nice addition. I'm thinking Sara and Lee will be hot! Looking forward to seeing Paul on my screen again.

  3. Well, I can't say I'm not sad to see Joe go, but that's overshadowed by excitement about Paul coming on!! He's fabulous and oh so cute -- can't wait to see him onscreen with Mary Beth!

  4. Wow...I have to say I'm excited about this! Don't get me wrong, I'm sorry to see Joe go, but this guy Paul is precious! And I remember him from GH. So cute! Mary Beth sure is lucky in the leading man department! Can't wait to see these two together -- I'm sure their chemistry will rock!

  5. Say it ain't so, Joe! Actually, I think this is a good thing! Paul Satterfield is great and if he's into this show as much as Mary Beth is, well that just means great stuff for us! Welcome Paul!

  6. Gregori just keeps getting the best actors to join this show! Joe was great, and I'm sad to see him go. That said, I think Paul will be an outstanding addition to this cast and will no doubt have terrific chemistry with Mary Beth. I'm soooo excited for Season 2!

  7. Oh yeah, this totally works. Bring it on.

  8. I've seen Paul on several shows and he is a good actor. Sorry to see Joe go but if he's not into The Bay then it's best he's gone. I can't wait to see Paul and Mary Beth in their first scenes!

  9. How exciting! I was hopeful for Joe Lando because the chemistry was awesome with Mary Beth Evans, but she's had fantastic chemistry with all her leading men. I can't wait to see what Paul Satterfield brings to the role!

  10. I'm so excited to see Paul Satterfield in the role of Lee Nelson...he is a great addition to the cast and i do believe he and Mary Beth will be hot together on screen..good luck to Joe Lando I enjoyed his brief time on the show ..but as they say in Hollywood...the show must go on.. Paul was a Baylicious choice Gregori..kudos

  11. Oh This is interesting...I LOOOOVE Paul. This came out of left feild , but I must say he is A Gorgeous Man. Maybe he will get more action than Joe did?? I SURE wouldnt mind seeing more of Paul ;-).Only time will tell.

  12. Sorry to see Joe leaving but looking forward to see what Paul will do with the role. Paul and Mary Beth together onscreen as Lee & Sara is going to be juicy, can't wait.

  13. This is a VERY GOOD thing!!


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