PICTORIAL: A History of Soap Stars on the Cover of Playboy

One of our most popular posts has been the PICTORIAL: A History of Soap Stars on the Cover of Playgirl. With the launch of new NBC primetime soap THE PLAYBOY club on Monday night, we thought it was time to give equal time to the ladies. The October issue features PLAYBOY CLUB star Laura Benanti, and is on sale for 60-cents.

Below is the We Love Soaps flashback at the soap stars featured on the cover of Playboy since the magazine launched in 1953.  Playboy has been less likely to use daytime soap opera actresses on the cover than Playgirl, which commonly used daytime soap actors. If we're missing any, let us know in the Comments section.

Deborah Shelton (March 1974) / Pamela Sue Martin (July 1978)

Farrah Fawcett (December 1978) / Raquel Welch (December 1979)

Shari Shattuck (April 1980) / Valerie Perrine (August 1981)

Kimberly McArthur (February 1982) / Barbara Carrera (March 1982)

Mariel Hemingway (April 1982) / Shannon Tweed (June 1982)

Audrey & Judy Landers (January 1983) / Kimberly McArthur, Kelly Tough & Karen Witter (March 1983)

Joan Collins (December 1983) / Kimberly McArthur (February 1984)

Shannon Tweed (March 1985) / Sally Field (March 1986)

Shannon Tweed (April 1986) / Kathleen Turner (May 1986)

Brooke Shields (December 1986) / Donna Mills (November 1989)

Joan Severance (January 1990) / Sherilyn Fenn (December 1990)

Shannon & Tracy Tweed (May 1991) / Joan Severance (November 1992)

Mimi Rogers (March 1993) / Shannen Doherty (March 1994)

Farrah Fawcett (December 1995) / Shannon Tweed (January 1998)

Lisa Rinna (September 1998) / Tia Carrere (January 2003)

Shannen Doherty (December 2003) / Lisa Rinna (May 2009)

Laura Benanti (October 2011) - THE PLAYBOY CLUB

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