Jeremy Skott Snider, Son of Katherine Kelly Lang, Appears on Porn Site

Jeremy Skott Snider is the blonde-haired blue-eyed son of BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL star Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke). According to a new story, Snider appears on adult entertainment website pictured in compromising acts with another man, which are far too graphic to publish.

We checked it out and while that's true in some cases, other photos are very tame. One page has video content with another guy and one of Snider solo. It's free to check it out yourself but be warned. This is a porn website. is definitely not a site to visit at work! Our link is to the original Radar Online story.

So far there has been no comment from Snider (who played Baby Eric on B&B) or Lang on the story. Lang's ex-husband, Skott Snider (Jeremy's father), produced and directed a number of Playboy documentaries from 1988 to 1991. Jeremy was born in 1990.


  1. So, I think KKL TV alter ego's sexual freedom trickled down to KKL's real life son!

    After visiting Sean Cody, it's apparent the Jeremy Skott Snider enjoys being at the bottom of things.

    Sorry, couldn't resist.

  2. Ha!...Love this story!...Brooke's son is adorable!

  3. I have always been a top fan of Brooke Logan Forrester, I am excited to see that her cutie son has a bit of the infamous Logan sexuality that his mom's B&B character has! Providing KKL would be interested in the storyline herself I would love to see B&B use her sons real life be of some inspiration to a story for Brooke's son R.J. who we all know will most likely be a grown man within the next year...Since losing the only Gays on daytime with the loss of As the World Turns it would be nice to have a gay storyline on B&B, and a son of Brooke's portraying a gay porn star, I absolutely love it!!! It's time that gay love scenes get the same deep attention the hetero scenes receive! Hopefully someday soon! :-)