Michael B. Jordan on Daytime Soaps: Hey, old guys, it's over for you

Former ALL MY CHILDREN actor Michael B. Jordan (ex-Reggie) has been simply amazing in his role as Vince on FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, which begins its final season on NBC on Friday night. He also recently joined the cast of PARENTHOOD.

Jordan was asked about the rumored cancellation of ALL MY CHILDREN in a new interview with WTAM and had this to say: "It's dear to my heart because that's where I kind of got my chops from, so it's a little sad to see it go, but I'm all about evolution and change. There was an era for soap operas, and there was a time when soap operas were the thing to watch. But, seeing how reality TV is taking over that time slot, it's kind of like pushing them out like, 'Hey, old guys, it's over for you.' I'm sad, but at the same time I'm privileged to see a new era coming about. Still, if I was on a soap, I'd be pissed!"


  1. Does this guy have any expertise on this, and should he really be making comments like this? Nope! Seems that Michael's career was centered completely around soaps, so I really don't think he should be saying stuff like it's over! After all, he just finished his final season of a huge soap opera, Friday Night Lights.

  2. It was a REALLY bad choice of words. But is his opinion all that different than a lot of young people? Most of them didn't grow up watching with their mothers and grandmothers like we did and think of daytime soaps as a relic from the past.

  3. wow wrong thing to say. Guarantee that he just lost a bunch of fans that have been foloowing since his AMC days, what a shame he didn't think before he spoke...
    Save our SOAPS

  4. I find it very counterproductive for an ACTOR to be totally okay with reality shows taking over television shows that could employ him! Maybe he would rather be a reality star than an actor? What's he going to do when all we have is reality shows?

  5. Calm down, y'all. He is young. He did not say he was "totally ok" with reality shows. He acknowledged that they were the new thing. MBJ is a great actor and his career was not centered completely around Soaps--he was on AMC as a supporting juvenile actor-- not a career. This young man is a talented actor -- very talented. I'll wager he is not the only actor saying these things -- young and old alike.

  6. How very eloquent - NOT!
    There are man young people out there that think the soap genre is still viable and support it. You would think someone that owns their livelihood to soaps would not be so cavalier.


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