CLASSIC ATWT Photo of the Day: Tom/Carol/Jay/Natalie

In addition to the popular Kim/Dan/Susan/John quadrangle in the mid 1970s on AS THE WORLD TURNS, we had the younger quadrangle of Tom (C. David Colson), Carol (Rita Walter), Jay (Dennis Cooney) and Natalie (Judith Chapman).

Tom and Carol's marriage hit the skids when Tom commenced an affair with client Natalie and then married her. Natalie cheated on Tom with Jay, and Natalie and Tom divorced, while Jay later had a few rocky but happy married years to Carol before being killed in an accident at Brad Hollister's mine.

David Colson became a writer after his ATWT stint, while Rita Walter gave up acting and became an optometrist. Dennis Cooney, who'd been on several soaps prior to ATWT, including SECRET STORM and LOVE OF LIFE, didn't act much after ATWT and died a few years ago. Judith Chapman started her daytime career on ATWT and has since appeared on several shows, including RYAN'S HOPE, GENERAL HOSPITAL, DAYS OF OUR LIVES and currently on THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.


  1. Now, *this* storyline I do remember from ATWT as a child! It was in the mid to late 1970's, and I can remember this whole quadrangle. Oh, I wished we had a VCR way back when. I'm sure clips of this are long gone, or are tucked away in the P&G archives. However, THANK YOU, WLS, for posting this one. Judging by this post, I guess I'm one of the few who remembers this story?

  2. Is it Tom, Carol, Jay, Natalie from left to right?