CLASSIC CLIPS: Michael Zaslow

Michael Zaslow came in at #4 on the 50 Greatest Soap Actors of All Time list. Here are some classic clips of Zaslow's work on Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Guiding Light, Falcon Crest and One Life to Live.

1970: Pete Chernak settles in to his new position at the hospital. (Love is a Many Splendored Thing)

1976: Roger tells Peggy he's the father of Christina Bauer. (Guiding Light)
1979: Roger rapes Holly. (Guiding Light)

1980: Clown Roger follows Rita into the Hall of Mirrors ("Enough is Enough"). (Guiding Light)
1980: Roger tracks Holly and Chrissy down in Santo Domingo and then "dies". (Guiding Light)

1982: Zaslow's guest appearance on Falcon Crest.
1983: Dorian is furious that David told Cassie he is her father. (One Life to Live)

1989: Roger returns to Springfield very much alive. (Guiding Light)
1990: Roger and Holly try to help Blake. (Guiding Light)

1992: Roger confronts Blake and Ross. (Guiding Light)
1993: Roger tells Holly if he can't have her, Ed won't either. (Guiding Light)

1996: Roger pretends to make amends with Alexandra. (Guiding Light)
1998: David returns to Llanview with ALS. (One Life to Live)

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