OUT ON THE TOWN: Chappell, Sweeney & Colfer

Soap stars were out in force over the weekend including Crystal Chappell (not Chapel!) at the 2nd Annual Streamy Awards on Sunday night. The show was a disaster but Chappell, Rachael Hip-Flores and others from the indie soap world looked fabulous. Meanwhile, Alison Sweeney attended Holly Robinson Peete's "My Brother Charlie" book launch in Culver City. On Saturday night, GLEE's Chris Colfer participated in the 31st Annual College Television Awards. GLEE finally returns Tuesday night at 9:28 p.m. ET.


  1. Thank you for calling it like you see it..that show was a disaster, which is a crying shame. So much good could have come from it. Crystal was her usual classy self!

  2. You are right Roger, the show was a disaster, and pronouncing Crystal's surname was also a disgrace. I was certainly routing for Crystal to win an award BEFORE the show started, but I'm mighty glad that a classy woman as herself didn't have to endure walking onto the stage to be perhaps mauled by someone wearing only underwear!!

    The show did nothing to honour all the hard work done by these creative and dedicated people, and who knows the extent the reprecussions will be with regards to these web series looking for sponsorship.

  3. What happened to make the show a disaster? I don't understand what is Crystals sur name?

  4. Bess, aside from the many technical glitches, it was the most vulgar show I have ever seen. I think even the most stereotypical frat boys would have found it offensive. They pronounced Crystal's name wrong when reading the nominees as well.


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