Victoria Rowell: Soap Diva Glam-nesia

Here's the latest promotional video from Victoria Rowell for her new book, "Secrest of a Soap Opera Diva," out May 4 (the same day as Ken Corday's DAYS OF OUR LIVES book). Pre-order Rowell's book here.


  1. Loved it! It's great to see VR poke fun at herself.

    The video has has over 100K views in less than a day on YouTube. How many other web soaps get that kind of viewership?

    Y&R execs, suck it up, and rehire Ms. Rowell!

  2. Was there a hint in there? BOLD and BEAUTIFUL??? I'll scream if Drucilla pops up on B&B as an amnesiac.

  3. I have always been curious, why if Ms Rowell is so popular has no other soap picked her up?

  4. Is she auditioning for the next Tim Burton movie?


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