Black History Month: Blacks on White TV 1982

As part of our continuing celebration of Black History Month, here's a classic November 1982 episode of TONY BROWN'S JOURNAL that featured the subject "Blacks on White TV". The story talks about how the soaps were trying to target an African American female audience at the time. Prominent African American actors on soaps at the time are interviewd including ANOTHER WORLD's Michele Shay, EDGE OF NIGHT's Mariann Aalda, and ALL MY CHIDLREN's Darnell Williams.


  1. Roger & Damon,

    Thank you for your commitment to celebrating and investigating diversity.

  2. BTW, it's sad that 28 years after this was filmed, there are still only a handful of people of color on daytime soaps.

  3. Thanks so much for including this clip. It is amazing to see how little things haveve really changed; much of that conversation could easily have come from 2010.

  4. As far as my people have come, we've still got long, long ways to go! :)


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