HOT STORIES: Reid Makes An Impact On Oakhell

Dr. Reid Oliver has been in Oakdale for less than a week (or Oakhell as he calls it) and he's rubbing everyone the wrong way. After being blackmailed by Luke to fly up from Dallas, he grudgingly agreed to operate on Noah. Reid immediately had a problem with Luke (of course) and his arrogance rubbed Bob the wrong way. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to operate on Noah because Noah was going to need multiple surgeries and a long-term commitment. He tried to leave town but was arrested instead, thanks to Luke, and forced to stay in town and work for Bob.

Catch up on this hot story below.


  1. He is making an impact. This guy (and the actor) is really good at being arrogant and a jerk, but yet somehow still very interesting. I'm certainly intrigued and hope he interacts with a lot more characters (though he and Van Hansis are especially great when they play off each other).

  2. With Nuke in the state of angst for the last six months, Reid is giving their story bubble a much needed jolt. This "lighter" tone is a welcomed addition.

    Another thing though- As ATWT continue to develop Luke's character, they've continued to frustratingly under develop Noah. I mean, at this rate, Reid will have a better backstory than him by the end of February sweeps.

  3. I am just glad that Luke and Noah are getting a lot more airtime and much better writing lately. Finally Luke and Noah are getting the amazing material I know they deserve. Jake Silbermann and Van Hansis are doing a great job! I will gladly welcome Reid if it gives couples like Luke and Noah and Bob and Kim more storyline.

  4. Peter, I agree with you. In the past three years, how many new characters have been introduced on ATWT? And they all have had better backstories and character development than Noah. The good news is that even with limited airtime, Jake Silbermann is doing an excellent job with the material he's been given.

  5. IT's sad really. It's like they created Noah just to give Luke a boyfriend. I think they underestimated how the fans would respond to it and they never expected Nuke to be popular. and once it was they were stuck. I don't think they expected Noah to be long term and when it was apparent that he was they didn't know how to write for him which is sad. Obviously there is plenty of backstory to be seen ask any fanfic writer lol we've come up with so much trifold.

    Anyway I agree that its frustrating that all these new characters come to town and have better backstory than Noah. I applaud Jake Silbermann though for his great talent. It is he who makes the character likeable and enjoyable. Luke and Noah would not be who they are without him and Van

  6. Thanks for posting the link to Dr. Reid Oliver's impact on Oakhell and Luke Synder. Those blonde guys are going to battle it out and it's nice to know that it'll be shown on screen.

    Van Hansis, has yet again met his match in another new screenpartner, Eric Sheffer.


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