VENICE Season One Teaser, Premiere Date December 4

VENICE, the upcoming indie soap from Crystal Chappell, Kim Turrisi and Hope Royaltey, has released the fabulous teaser below for the upcoming first season.

While producer/star Crystal Chappell revealed to We Love Soaps editor Damon L. Jacobs at the recent Day of DAYS event that the show would premiere the day after Thanksgiving, the show used the teaser to announce that the first episode would actually air on December 4th. It looks like it will be worth the wait!

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  1. This looks SO good! And I'm thrilled the "starting date controversy" is finally resolved.

  2. It does look good. Can one of you experts tell me why the webseries such as venice and wed-locked look better, visually, than Guiding Light did? This coming from a big ol' longtime GL fan.

  3. Marley, I think there are many factors - what type of camera you're using, how the footage is being edited, how many shots you are taking (you may get several takes in these web series with the best ones and angles used), how much time you have for color correction, etc. etc.

  4. Wow in just one minute of Venice, I was more enthralled than I have been with television in a very long time. This webseries is going to be incredibly hot.

  5. I am so, so excited for this web series and the teaser looks great. I have watched quite a few web series and I have to say from just this 1 min the shooting and editing looks much higher quality than others!! Thanks for posting. Is it Decmember 4th yet?

  6. Well done, Team Venice. It looks fantastic. All should be proud.

  7. The teaser looks great. I'll be watching it! Thanks for the coverage guys, as always very much appreciated.

  8. The first time I watched, I wanted more plot hints. Then I watched it again and got swept up in the actors and the visuals.
    Well done, Team Venice.
    Can't wait for December 4th!

  9. We were entranced by crystal and jessica in Guiding light
    Can't wait to see what Venice has to offer

    And no kiss ban PLEASE

  10. Thank you guys for putting the Venice promo up. Since it's temporarily down on YouTube til Hope figures out with YT where the problem came from with someone flagging as spam, I still get to see it. Actually as I have it dl'ed to laptop get to see it more often, but in case they're keepin numbers for times watched, will watch online as much as possible. :)

    I am sooo looking forward to this series. Brilliant work. Thanks to everyone involved from cast, production teams, and fans who've made this series happen!

  11. i am happy to see jessica and crystal together on screen. thanks crystal, kimmy, and hope for making this happen. venice is awesome and has all the best actors. gina t. is a favorite of mine also. all the best!!!!


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