GUIDING LIGHT's Rick and Mindy Are Married

On Friday's GUIDING LIGHT television finale, it was the day before Rick and Mindy's wedding. It looks like the day has arrived the two are finally hitched (26 years after first meeting).

To read their story, follow Melinda Sue Lewis Bauer on Twitter.


  1. This is freakin' hilarious. Is Krista the one behind it?

  2. Not Krista but this is an official Telenext Twitter account so someone associated with the show is behind it.

  3. It's the same Twitter account they had Mindy using during the class reunion storyline. ATWT's Molly is also now on Twitter, obviously leading up to her return to the show.

  4. This is a nice way for fans to stay connected to the show. It's also damn cheap.


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